About Us

A message from our founder, Justin Sylvester

Scouring the surrounding area for passionate people, we have driven thousands of miles looking not only for the best trees, but the best people. Great people make great Christmas trees. The time and knowi how that goes into producing the best quality product is unbelievable. Our mission is to not only to provide the highest quality trees, but also the most personable experience and service. With passion, anything is possible. Our excitement comes from your smile in this holiday season.

A message from Matt Sylvester

First and foremost I would like to thank each and every one of you for your support throughout the years. Never could I have imagined that one conversation between Justin and I would create one of the most important parts of my life. Justin was a graduate of the Kent State school of horticulture;with a focus on arborculture. His passion and love for trees was present. Starting in 2012, with just a few trees, Justin and I began this journey which has led 611 Trees to where it is today. Some of my fondest and closest held memories are not only on the lot, but the many road-trips, weekends camping, and countless hours spent together learning the business of growing Christmas trees. Forever will I be grateful for the relationships we have created, and the hard work and dedication each grower puts into their product. Starting life as a seedling, each tree is tediously cared for, and we consider ourselves very lucky to bring this product to you. Not only are the trees the focus of 611; but sharing in the joy and spirit of the holiday. We strive to create a fun atmosphere for the whole family. We welcome you, whether you are a returning customer or a first time visitor for this amazing season.

Our Trees

Sourced within a close proximity of 611 Trees, Matt continues to vigorously seek out the quality and passion in the growers we support. In a changing market we are continuously seeking new growers, but yet also supporting those who have supported us throughout the years. We still uphold the standards of spending many hours with these great people not only during the holiday but all summer long. We are blessed to be able to join our growers throughout the whole process of cultivation, including, planting, shearing and harvesting. In order to ensure quality, Matt and the 611 Tree family, haul every tree directly from the farm to the consumer. We love to share our process, please ask for more details at your visit.

Frasier Fir

The most sought after Christmas tree, the Frasier Fir is known to be the hardiest of all pre-cut Christmas trees. An endangered species in the wild; Frasier Fir originates in very select regions of the Appalachian Mountains of southwestern Virginia, western North Carolina, and eastern Tennessee. Cultivated for the specific purpose of a Christmas tree, we are proud to support our grower’s efforts to bring you a tree with very strong needle retention and soft beauty.

Canaan Fir

The newest of Christmas trees,the Canaan Fir is a very close relative of the Balsalm and Frasier Fir, originating from the Canaan valley in West Virginia. In the beginning stages of cultivation, the Canaan Fir shows great potential in the Christmas tree industry. Unlike the Frasier Fir, the Canaan Fir is more accepting to adverse growing conditions. Very similar to the looks and branch structure of the Frasier Fir, we are pleased to have you join us in the support and development of this variety. Your feedback is always welcome.

Douglas Fir

Although genetically not a fir, the Douglas Fir originates from the Western United States and is also used in the lumber industry. Its cultivation has dominated the Christmas tree industry. Unforeseen circumstances in growing have made the Douglas Fir more difficult to cultivate and source in recent years. We are happy to bring this species to our customers whenever possible. It has a slightly weaker branch structure than other Christmas trees, but the Douglas Fir has soft needles and an incredibly unique aroma.

2022 Season


37462 Colorado Ave
(1/4 mile north of Detroit Rd.)
Avon, Ohio 44011
P: 440.541.4838
Email: msylvester1268@gmail.com

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Hours of Operation

Open November 22nd - Through Final Sale
Closed Thanksgivinig Day

Monday - Friday: 10am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am-8pm

** Please check our Facebook page for daily updates ** https://www.facebook.com/611trees

Inaugural Tree Lighting

November 22nd at 7pm

Please join us for our inaugural tree lighting ceremony at 611 Trees. We look forward to sharing this moment to kick off the 2022 season, while taking a moment to remember those who are joining in spirit this year. We will share in light refreshments, holiday cookies and fellowship. The ceremony will begin at 7pm and tree purchasing will resume following the ceremony. All are welcome to join even if you are not purchasing a tree.

Sending Love and Light,
611 Tree Family


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